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Highmark BlueShield Medicare Advantage and PDP Plans

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:: 2016 Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Materials
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Contracting & Appointment Information

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Senior Products contracts and appointment documentation may be submitted via mail or fax.


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Commission Regulations

Highmark will NOT pay commissions on:
• Medicare supplement products - Signature 65 (group)

Commissions will be paid on:
• Existing Highmark members moving from an Under-65 Commercial Individual or Group product to BlueRx or one of Highmark’s Medicare Advantage plans
• Existing Highmark Medicare supplement (MedigapBlue or Signature 65) and/or BlueRx members moving to one of Highmark’s Medicare Advantage plans
• Existing Highmark members moving from one Highmark Medicare Advantage product/plan to another Highmark Medicare Advantage product/plan

Medicare Advantage Product Training & Certification

Highmark 2016 Recertification Information:

The 2016 Highmark Medicare Sales Training and Certification Program is now available for agents who will be to selling (or receiving renewals for) 2016 Medicare products (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and Medigap).

As discussed, below is the customized link for agents selling Medicare products through your FMO. Please distribute this link to only your agents selling Medicare through your agency to ensure training reports are correct. In addition, all agents will be completing Medigap training as part of their certification to eliminate confusion moving forward.

Access the 2016 NIM Highmark Medicare Sales Training & Certification Program

Refer to the 2016 Highmark Sales Sentinel User Guide as needed.

Please note: Highmark will accept AHIP training certifications as fulfillment of the Medicare Core and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse modules. The completion of the AHIP training is not mandatory.

If this is the agent’s first time completing the training, they must select "Click Here to Register" to create a username and password. If an agent has completed the training previously, they can sign in using their existing username and password.

As a reminder, agents are required to complete the training and certification program, and pass the exams with a score of 85% or better, prior to selling Medicare products. Agents will be given three (3) attempts at the exams.

To receive renewal commissions on Highmark’s Medicare plans for the 2016 plan year, agents must complete the above training and certification program prior to Jan. 1, 2016.

Remember, agents may not market 2016 Medicare products until Thursday, Oct. 1. Enrollment applications cannot be accepted until Thursday, Oct. 15.

Any questions regarding the training should be directed to Gorman Health Group technical support at 1-888-439-3337.

2016 Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan Materials

Product Materials:
:: 2016 C.PA & NE.PA FreedomBlue PPO Summary of Benefits
:: 2016 C.PA & NE.PA FreedomBlue PPO Evidence of Coverage
:: 2016 BlueRx PDP Summary of Benefits

Misc Required Forms:
:: Highmark FreedomBlue SEP Form
:: Highmark SecurityBlue SEP Form
:: Highmark Other Ins Enrollment Addendum
:: Scope of Appointment Form (2016)

:: 2016 Highmark MAPD Product Portfolio Map (pdf)
:: 2016 Highmark MAPD Plan Availability Chart (xlsx)

Medigap Product Training & Certification


An updated Medigap Blue training is available for any new agents who have not been certified to sell Medigap Blue previously or who need refresher training.

In order to sell Highmark’s Medigap Blue product, producers must:
  • Complete the required online training prior to selling. The training takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and is a one-time training requirement. They do not need to complete this training annually.
  • Sign the required electronic attestation of training completion and return a copy of this attestation to their general agency once the training is complete. A downloadable copy of the attestation is available on the "Finish and Print" screen of the online training.
There is no cost associated with this training.

Any questions regarding the training should be directed to Gorman Health Group technical support at 1-888-439-3337.

Remember: If agents have previously completed the training, they are not required to take the training again.

Access the Medigap Blue Training


An updated Medigap Blue Reference Guide is available to aid producers in selling Medigap Blue. The reference guide reviews important information on how to submit an application and order enrollment kits, as well as information on medical underwriting and the service area.

Access the Medigap Blue Reference Guide


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